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Areas of Practice

Trial and Appellate Litigation

Trials, including consultation with other lawyers

Alan has personally litigated over 100 jury trials to verdict as sole or lead counsel. He has a statewide reputation for skill in the courtroom-particularly in the use of technology to communicate complicated concepts to the jury. He has taught trial advocacy skills in Iowa and at the national level. He places a particular emphasis on the importance of jury selection-the mixture of art and science involved in selecting jurors who are more likely to decide the case in his client's favor.

Alan is available to assist clients and other lawyers with trials. Often lawyers will find it valuable to have an experienced trial lawyer review their case. Case consultation can include mock trials and focus group assistance to review the strengths and weaknesses before being in front of a real jury.

"The trial lawyer must combine an understanding of legal concepts with the knowledge of what will persuade and motivate jurors. It is not enough that your case is logically sound - the trial lawyer must communicate why justice demands a verdict in his or her client's favor. There is no substitute for experience in this effort." - Alan


As Muscatine County Attorney, Alan started the Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) committee of the Iowa County Attorneys Association. Alan filed briefs in cases raising complex issues of constitutional and criminal law. His briefs have been widely praised for their quality and effectiveness.

"The sad truth is that most lawyers are terrible writers. The appellate courts are inundated with bad briefs filled with jargon, conclusory statements, and unclear arguments. Quality writing does not just happen-the writer must constantly work at his or her craft. When I write the goal is to make the finished product as clear as possible. The brief should be a pleasure for the judge to read. A well-written brief maximizes the chance that the client will win on appeal." - Alan

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